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ZORKY (AKA Gizmo) is the 2nd cat who came to The Magoo Room, on 12/13/09 from Georgia, along with D'Artangan.  For a 17 year old cat he is surprisingly spry.  Zorky is a tall, long, grey cat who is very laid back and loving.  He takes his medicine for hyperthyroidism very well, and has a hearty appetite.  Zorky gets along with every cat in The Magoo Room, and talks to any person who ventures near him.  So far, his favorite spot is at the computer between me (Barbara) and the monitor.  He loves to have his ears scratched, and his forehead kissed.  He does NOT like to move so I can see the monitor, but eventually, after oodles of kisses he seems to say "Aw, come on Mom.  You're embarrassing me in front of the guys," and moves away a bit.  Sorry Zork, you're new mom has a large store of kisses for you!

Our sweet Zorky gradually slowed down, began to lose a significant amount of weight and at his routine blood tests we found that there was nothing specific wrong with "Grandpa Zorky" but he was just wearing out. Shortly thereafter he began to fight having his medicines. The vet thought it was not worth the stress to him, and we gave up administering any medicines that could not be hidden in his food. Eventually I began to see small changes and on March 2, 2011 I brought him back to the vet to be sure he was not in pain or uncomfortable in a way I could not discern. The vet said the next stage would not be a good one, and we chose to euthanize Zorky. As we waited for him to relax before the final shot was given, Zorky started to lick my hand. I felt as if he were kissing me goodbye and so we shared his last moments, with his head cupped by my hand, and my face near his. What a wonderful, spirited old boy Zorky was. He would have been 19 in August and we were fortunate to share his love and outgoing personality the last year of his life.

Zorky's needs were being sponsored by Jonathan Beasley.  Thank you Jonathan!


Zorky relaxing on a favorite chair. Gee Mom - give me a little warning next time.  That flash is bright!